Forgive me Reader, for I have sinned. It’s been nine years since I got my first website and I barely touched it for the whole of that time.
If this was the behaviour of one of my clients I’d be giving them a death stare, then a brief lecture about how many opportunities they’d probably missed, then add the embarrassment factor by pointing out how ugly and unprofessional the damn site was anyway.
Anyway, today I am a reformed character. I have this shiny new website which has pictures and everything. They’ve even given me an email address that doesn’t end in I almost feel like a proper businesswoman.
But do you know how hard I found it to write the text on this small collection of pages?
Tell me I’ve got a thousand-word magazine feature to write by tonight and I won’t bat an eyelid. Need a six-page focus piece on some obscure business sector? Not a problem. Ask me to craft 10 blog posts and a newsletter for your company and I’ll have them done by wine o’clock.
Yet when I have to write even a line about myself I get complete writers’ block. It makes me feel so shy and exposed. I guess that’s why sensible people hire professional copywriters to write stuff for them, eh?!
So, as my penance for my crimes against the internet, I have pledged to write at least one blog post a month. Starting now…
PS – if you want someone to take your writing pain away, just let me know!